Aerial Park

Get your Tarzan on and take a walk in the trees at the Mt. Hood Adventure Park at Skibowl!

The Aerial Park features the 5 Bridge Aerial Park Tour!

The 5 Bridge Aerial Park Tour is accessed by taking a series of balance bridges that increase in difficulty the higher you go!  But don't worry, you are safely harnessed in the entire time with our state of the art harnassing system!  You will start with the Entry Bridge that gives you a good taste of what is to come.  From there the Ramp-It-Up Bridge takes it a step further up to the next platform. Then cross the dizzying heights and challenges of the Zigzag Bridge. Finish your tree top jaunt over the final two bridges with spectacular views of Mt Hood in the distance and the Adventure Park 50-60 feet below you. Finish up where you started safe and sound.

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General restrictions

Age Requirement7 years or older
Height RequirementUnder 58" tall must be accompanied by parent or guardian on attractions.
ReleaseSigned release required

*If under 18 yrs old, a parent or guardian must sign the release form.

5 Bridge Aerial Park Tour

Weight RequirementMust weigh between 44-300 lbs.

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