Malibu Raceway at Skibowl

Group Events at Malibu Raceway at Skibowl

The Malibu Raceway at Skibowl is a state of the art facility dedicated to racing and competition. The race track features three different style cars, with the high-powered Malibu Race Cars, New Virage Indy Karts, and the Sprint Karts for wheel to wheel action!

Sprint Karts

The Sprint Karts offer wheel-to-wheel racing in a classic car that will give the thrill of racing to any driver.  Hop in a car today and race your buddy!

New Virage Indy Karts

The new Virage Indy Karts offer more wheel-to-wheel racing in a car that is a step up from the Sprint Karts. Work your way up to the Malibu Cars with some exciting action in these sporty Karts!

Malibu Race Cars

The Malibu Race Cars are high-powered machines that are a 7/10th scale replica of open wheel Formula 1 type cars. These machines can handle hairpin turns at high speeds and will challenge even the most experienced race drivers. Will your name be on the hall of fame? The Malibu Race Cars are for adults that have a valid Government issued driver's license. For guests without a valid driver's license you may schedule to take our Car Control Clinic to obtain a lifetime Malibu Raceway license. By appointment only

The Grand Malibu Race Cars have two seats to bring along a passenger.  Let your kid experience the same power and feel as the Malibu Race Car in this two-seater.



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