Scenic Sky Chair

Absolutely inspiring views of Mt. Hood and the surrounding area are found on the Scenic Sky Chairs! Get a bird’s-eye view of Mt. Hood, the Cascade Mountain Range and up to four other volcanic mountain peaks! This adventure is a great experience for all ages.

Starting at an elevation of 3,600 feet in the base area of Skibowl West, you’ll begin your relaxing ride up the mountain with initial views of meadows with gorgeous wildflowers such as the Indian Paintbrush, Lupine, Bear Grass and Cow Parsnip, along with towering Douglas Firs and Western Hemlock trees.

As you travel up in elevation, there is always the chance of seeing some active wildlife, such as the black tail deer, black bear, bobcat, chipmunks and Douglas squirrels. At the top of the first Scenic Sky Chair, you’ll exit and have a short walk past the Historic Warming Hut to the landing of the second Scenic Sky Chair. The Historic Warming Hut was built during the same time period as Timberline Lodge!

Traveling up the upper Scenic Sky Chair, the plant life becomes more diverse with Pacific Rhododendron, Mountain Hemlock, Huckleberry, True Firs, Loucewart and bright pink rock Pentstemon. As you arrive at the top of the mountain you’ll begin to see the four other volcanic mountain peaks, with a clear sky, including Mt. Jefferson (10,246’), Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams (12,276’) and Mt. Ranier (14,410’).

Once at the top enjoy the view from your elevation of 5,100 feet, and when it is time to come down you may choose your route. Ride the Scenic Sky Chairs back to the base area or choose one of several other adventures such as the Interpretive Trails, Mountain Bike Park, or Disc Golf. Remember to bring the gear for the adventure of your choice on the way down.


  • Height Requirement
  • Age Requirement
  • Age/Height Requirements (Passenger)
  • 48” or taller
  • 3 yrs old or older
  • Under 48” and at least 3 yrs old

*All bike riders taking the Scenic Sky Chairs must have a trail permit and a helmet.

Fun Facts

  • Vertical travel (up and down)
  • Base area elevation
  • Summit elevation
  • Lower chair ride duration
  • Upper chair ride duration
  • 1,500 feet (both chairs round trip)
  • 3,600 feet
  • 5,100 feet
  • 15 minutes
  • 7 minutes


  • Scenic Sky Chair
  • Scenic Chair Lift
  • Mount Hood Chair Lift Ride
  • Scenic Sky Chair Lift
  • Scenic Sky Chair
  • Scenic Chair Lift
  • Mount Hood Chair Lift Ride
  • Scenic Sky Chair Lift

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