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NEW Tree Top Action Zone featuring the Tarzan Swing & Plunge!

NEW Tree Top Action Zone featuring the Tarzan Swing & Plunge!

Get your Tarzan on at the Mt. Hood Adventure Park at Skibowl with the brand NEW “Tree Top Action Zone” aerial attraction.

The NEW “Tree Top Action Zone” features the five story “Tarzan Freefall Swing” and the six story “Tarzan Plunge”.  Both attractions are accessed by taking a series of balance bridges that increase in difficulty the higher you go.  Don't worry, you are safely harnessed in a state of the art system throughout the entire attraction!

The Entry Bridge

The fun starts with the Entry Bridge that ascends up to the first tree platform, giving you a taste of what is to come.  From there the Ramp-It-Up Bridge takes the experience a step further up to the Tarzan Swing launching platform.  From there thrill seekers can experience an adrenaline rush as they freefall on the Tarzan Swing from five stories up in a tree, swooping high over the ground straight at a majestic view of Mt. Hood.  You may also choose the Tarzan Plunge as the other way down, but first theyyou will have to cross the dizzying heights and challenges of the Zigzag Bridge.  From the top tree platform,you will be hooked into a special descender cable and dropped six stories straight down on the Tarzan Plunge, coming to rest softly and safely on the forest floor.


The Tarzan Freefall Swing and Plunge can be added to the all-day Action Pass for only $15 each activity, or added to any Adventure Pass for $20 each activity.  For a complete list of Adventure Park pricing and restrictions, click HERE.  There is also a new, all-inclusive “Extreme Pass” that includes every attraction available, including the “Tree Top Action Zone” for $109.

Ramp It Up Bridge

Operating hours for the Mt. Hood Adventure Park at Skibowl are as follows:  Monday-Thursday 11:00am to 6:00pm, Friday 11:00am to 7:00pm and Saturday & Sunday 10:00am to 7:00pm.  The Adventure Park operates seven days a week through Labor Day, then weekends in September.

Mt. Hood Skibowl began development of the Adventure Park in 1987 and is a pioneer in the ski area summer business. To see what other activities we have to offer during the summer, click HERE.

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