Why Choose Mt. Hood Skibowl?

The most soul on Mt. Hood.  Capture the heart of skiing at Skibowl, where culture, history, and a genuine passion for skiing and snowboarding meet the biggest and best night skiing terrain in the country.

Mt. Hood Skibowl’s origin dates back to 1928, making the resort one of the oldest ski resorts in the country. With 960 acres of terrain and Mt. Hood as the backdrop,  Skibowl offers a large variety of locations to choose from year round.  With our quick and easy permitting process, proximity to Portland and professional staff, Mt Hood Skibowl is the ideal place to hold a commercial film or commercial photography shoot.

Please fill out and submit our PHOTOGRAPHY & FILMING REQUEST (PDF) via emailing Shannon Berger-Hammond at  to begin the conversation as to what you are looking for in a venue and how we can help you.