Skibowl has invested more time and energy than ever to give it's Mountain Bike Park something for everybody! First time out? We've got beginner friendly trails and a progression area to get riders of any skill level excited about mountain biking. Looking to progress onto intermediate features? We've got fun flowy berm laced goodness with tables and fun features galore. Looking to get gnarly and smash some doubles and send some drops? We've got that in spades along with the best technical downhill terrain on Mt Hood with our Upper Bowl trails (Upper Bowl chairlift operates Friday through Monday). Whether it's your kids' first time at a bike park or you're gearing up for the NW Cup, Skibowl has the terrain for you!

Beginner Mountain Biking

Skibowl is a great place for beginners to progress! Leave the uphill travel to us and focus on just enjoying the beautiful downhill flow trails. Our main trail down, the "Gnar Gnar Trail" is a fun flowy beginner green trail with smooth bermed turns and friendly modest trail features. Some optional larger features on the way down also provide opportunity for riders to challenge themselves as they see fit and progress when they are ready. We also have various features in the skills park area for riders to work on progressing their fundamental mountain biking skills.

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Intermediate Mountain Biking

Looking for something a bit more exciting?  Have some experience riding mountain bikes downhill? Check out our Blue Trails such as the Sunset Trail, or travel to the Upper Bowl (Upper Bowl chairlift operates Friday through Monday) for the very enjoyable and highly scenic Sunrise or Fireball trails. Whether it's tabletops, drops, or just fun technical single track, we've got great intermediate trails that will provide enjoyable challenges for those seeking it.

Advanced / Expert Mountain Biking

While we focus on providing a great experience for everyone, Skibowl is also known for our amazing steep and technical terrain that the Upper Bowl (Upper Bowl chairlift operates Friday through Monday) and other areas have to offer for advanced skiiers and boarders. When it comes to Mountain Biking, things are no different and we've got excellent terrain for advanced riders! From the steep and technical downhill trails such as Cannon Ball, to the technical Northshore Style wood features on the lower bowl, there's terrain here that any rider will find engaging!

Advanced / Expert Trail Example

Conservation is Key

Keep Mt. Hood Green

Do your part to control the spread of invasive weeds: Please clean your bike before entering the bike park. Invasive weeds can spread when their seeds hitch a ride in the mud and dirt on your bike, shoes, and other equipment. Some plants can even spread from vegetation that can get stuck in your chain or gears.

It is of utmost importance that we protect Mt. Hood's water resources, prevent erosion, revegetate the landscape, and promote bee habitats while the bike park is operating and/or under construction. Our Trail Crew has experience as trail stewards for other Mt. Hood bike trails and they work closely with the US Forest Service to make the Bike Park a sustainable and environmentally-conscious project.