We love the smell of melted ski wax -- not to mention a freshly-tuned pair of skis.  Don't over look the importance of sharp edges and the right wax for the snow conditions.  The Hurricane Racing Ski Shop delivers on a single promise --the exceptional performance services that hold up to the standards ot its operator, olympic Petr Kakes.  Check out the services below to see what's available.  If you don't see what you need, contact us for assistance.

Tuning Equipment

Tuning Services

Service Price
Petr’s Race Ready Tune $90
Stone Grind Tune (Skis only) $65
Belt Grind Tune: Ski or Snowboard $45
Ski or SB Edge Sharpening & Wax $34
Alpine Skis Hot Wax $17
Snowboard hot wax $17
Binding Mount / Inspection $35

Storage First Pair Adtl. Pair 5-15
Unlimited Equipment Tuning & Storage $199 $139
Equipment Storage $80 $50
The Storage services are available to Collins Lake Resort and Grand Lodges owner VIP club members only.